Sofia Airport Parking

Sofia Airport is the busiest airport in the Bulgaria with over 5 million passengers in 2016. Serving the Capital city, demand for airport parking far outstrips supply.

According to Sofia Airport there are 1,200 short and long stay car parking spaces. In 2016, the actual number of long stay car parking spaces needed exceeded 7,500 – far greater that the amount provided by the airport’s parking facilities. Due to the forecast rise in passenger numbers, it is anticipated that by 2020 the number of long stay spaces will need to increase to 10,000 to answer to the demand from travelers.

Over EURO 200 million have been invested over the last 15 years, making the airport one of the busiest in Eastern Europe. The National Strategy for Sustainable Tourism Development predicts that more than 8 million people will use the airport in 2030.

The numbers clearly suggest that Sofia Airport car parking spaces is a solid commercial property investment, capable of producing high-income returns and strong capital growth. Low cost, solid investments of this caliber are in short supply and are in very high demand.