Sofia Airport is expanding due to strong local demand and the massive growth of international air travel. Sofia Airport long stay parking is an excellent commercial property investment and a fantastic way to diversify your investment portfolio.

The expected returns are truly exceptional:

Investment€21,500Cash AmountsReturns (%)
Guaranteed ReturnsYear 1 & 2€2,59012%
Projected ReturnsYear 3 & 4€3,44016%
Projected ReturnsYear 5 & 6€4,48021%
Projected Capital Growth (25%)Year 6€5,37525%
Projected Total ReturnsYear 6€15,88574%
Projected Total Investment ValueYear 6€37,385174%
 Rental Income Maintenance FeeService ChargeNet Rental ReturnYield
Year 1€1,2956.0%
Year 2€1,2956.0%
Year 3 (projected)€2,150€150€280€1,7208.0%
Year 4 (projected)€2,150€150€280€1,7208.0%
Year 5 (projected)€2,670€150€280€2,24010.4%
Year 6 (projected)€2,670€150€280€2,24010.4%